2007 Leadership Training Seminar

Date: 04/26/2007-04/28/2007
The theme of the seminar is “The Principles and Implementation of Church Leadership Training”.

Mature spiritual leadership is a critical factor in the health and growth of any church. During the three years of our Lord’s ministry on earth, Jesus prepared and taught His disciples to be future church leaders through daily living and lessons of lives. After the resurrection, Jesus instructed His disciples to go and make disciples of all nations, and shepherding His flock. Paul was called not just to be an apostle of the gospel among the Gentiles, he also developed and trained many fellow co-workers of various ages and circumstances while shepherding. In the letters that Paul wrote to various churches, he emphasized that church leaders must equip and develop the saints consistently and continuously. There is a general shortage of Christian workers among many Chinese churches. This shortage highlights the urgent need to have a long term and multi-facet process designed to equip the saints and develop our future church leaders in the context of local churches. In the past most churches have depended heavily on the various seminary institutions for pastor/leader training. The Chinese churches and their pastors/leaders must bear a greater responsibility to equip the saints and develop our future Christian workers. We hope through this seminar retreat every participant may learn and see the principles and implementation of church leadership training from a biblical perspective. More importantly, all participants can and will apply what they learn in their own church settings, resulting in building a truly spiritual leadership team after the heart of God.

Message 1 Speaker: John Hsu
Message 2 Speaker: John Hsu
Message 3 Speaker: John Hsu
Message 4 Speaker: John Hsu
Message 1 Speaker: Bellman Lin
Message 2 Speaker: Bellman Lin
Message 3 Speaker: Bellman Lin
Message 4 Speaker: Bellman Lin