Announcing Our New Executive Director

February 8, 2021

I’m glad to announce the appointment of Pastor-teacher, Paul Bucknell, as the new Executive Director of Christian Leadership Renewal Center. He is also a missionary and author whose second language is Chinese / Mandarin.

Paul, not a newcomer to CLRC, has been on the board since its inception. He has participated in Chinese Leadership seminars here on campus. Paul will utilize his many training resources ( to advance the kinds of Christian leadership training offered at the center. We’d also like to make CLRC a common platform, resource sharing and fellowship facility with all Bible believing churches in the VA, NC and other areas. Please feel free to contact Paul Bucknell (412-398-4559 or if you’re interested. We covet your participation and partnership as God’s coworkers in all our ministries.

Although many are reluctant to travel at this time, some will seek personal renewal/retreat or may want a place for a small church retreat. CLRC is open. Paul and his wife, Linda, reside at the center and will help make your visit special!

Paul will be communicating more about smaller training seminars planned for the spring, summer, and fall. Stay tuned.

Thank you for your interest in CLRC. Our prayer is that Christian leaders grow strong and skilled to serve Christ and His precious people. The church needs more than ever many Godly servants to teach, lead and meet the current challenges. Please pray with us.

Elder Albert Yeh
President of Christian Leadership Renewal Center