A scene of the classroom during our retreat


  • Specialized Leadership Training Seminars
    • To understand and develop spiritual maturity and character building
    • To study biblical truths and contemporary issues
    • To acquire essential leadership skills
    • To be mentored by distinguished Christian leaders
  • Fellowship Retreats
    • To engage in corporate devotion and worship times
    • To develop mutual trust
    • To promote genuine, heart-to-heart sharings
    • To foster ministry networking and partnership
  • Personal Renewal
    • To exercise spiritual disciplines such as solitude, meditation, prayer, Bible study, fasting, reflection and goal setting in a retreat setting
    • To provide physical refreshment (rest, exercise and recreation)
  • To provide periodic, short-term introductory through advanced leadership training. The teachers are carefully selected from the gifted and seasoned servants of God and the class size is kept small. The content of training focuses on the three crucial aspects of spiritual leadership: character formation, biblical knowledge and leadership skills. The latest teaching and learning equipment as well as a multimedia resource center with a concentration on leadership and church growth materials are provided on site for the teachers and students.
  • To provide fellowship programs to church leaders in an environment designed to promote open and disciplined sharing of each other’s burdens as well as ministry insights. Church leaders from the same or different churches with diverse perspectives, denominations or backgrounds can get acquainted, share and pray together for mutual edification and support. The goal is to tear down the barriers and build up the kind of biblical unity and love among church leaders, which Christ prayed for and commanded.
  • To provide suitable facilities and a conducive environment so that church leaders can spend a period of time for personal renewal by way of spiritual retreat and disciplines such as prayer, meditation and reflection.


  • One recent attendee of the April CLRC Leadership Training seminar commented (2008) [PDF]
  • The testimony from two attendees of CLRC Leadership Training Seminar Retreat on April 2007 (2007/4) [HTML]
  • The testimony from an attendee of a seminar retreat on March 2006 (2006/3) [HTML]