2006 Leadership Training Seminar

Date: 03/24/2006 – 03/26/2006
The theme of the seminar is “Experiencing Renewal through Our Personal Devotions”

Personal devotions is a vital spiritual discipline meant to build a strong foundation for our spiritual lives and ministry, which most Christians know they ought to maintain but are not sure how to consistently profit from. Experiencing Renewal through Our Personal Devotions takes you step by step on how to consistently experience God’s presence during each meeting with Him. Special emphasis is given to the role of faith, biblical meditation and how we integrate what God teaches us with our lives and ministries. Practical workshops are used.

Message 1 Speaker: Peace Zhu
Message 2 Speaker: Peace Zhu
Message 3 Speaker: Peace Zhu
Message 1 Speaker: Paul Bucknell
Message 2 Speaker: Paul Bucknell
Message 3 Speaker: Paul Bucknell
Message 4 Speaker: Paul Bucknell