2008 Leadership Training Seminar

Date: 4/24/2008 – 4/26/2008
CLRC’s leadership training seminar was held on April 24-26 (Thursday evening 6:00 pm – Saturday 5:30 pm), 2008 at the Lake Gaston facility. The theme of this year’s seminar is “The Implementation of Church Leadership Training”, which is a continuation of last year’s seminar with an emphasis on the practical aspects of church leadership training. The topics covered include “Spiritual Maturity”, “Team Leadership”, “Conflict Resolution”, and “Church Fellowship and Discipline.” The two speakers are Brother Bellman Lin (林三綱) of NYC and Dr. John Hsu (許道良) from Seattle.

Message 1, Speaker: Bellman Lin
Message 2, Speaker: John Hsu
Message 3, Speaker: Bellman Lin
Message 4, Speaker: John Hsu
Message 5, Speaker: Bellman Lin
Message 6, Speaker: John Hsu
Message 7, Speaker: Bellman Lin
Message 8, Speaker: John Hsu