2009 Leadership Training Seminar

Date: 4/23/2009 – 4/25/2009
CLRC’s leadership training seminar was held on April 23-25 (Thursday evening 6:00 pm – Saturday 5:30 pm), 2009 at the Lake Gaston facility. The theme of this year’s seminar is “The Shepherding Ministry of a Church”, so as to help us understand better the role and ministry of church pastors in a more in-depth and systematic way for more effective service in unity.
The topics covered include “Am I Fit to be a Pastor”, “What Should a Pastor be Doing?” , “The Caring Ministry of Pastors and Members of a Church”, “The Preaching Ministry,” “One’s Qualification, Preparation and Service Prior to, At the Beginning, and During the Pastoral Ministry,” “Training Young Co-workers”.
The two speakers are Brother Bian Yun Bo (邊雲波) and Dr. John Hsu (許道良).

Message 1, Speaker: Bian Yun Bo
Message 2, Speaker: John Hsu
Message 3, Speaker: Bian Yun Bo
Message 4, Speaker: John Hsu
Message 5, Speaker: Bian Yun Bo
Message 6, Speaker: John Hsu
Message 7, Speaker: Bian Yun Bo
Message 8, Speaker: John Hsu