CLRC activities in June 2014

Praise the Lord that RCCC’s Young Adults Fellowship (Y.A.L.L./Young Adults Loving the Lord) organized their retreat at Lake Gaston on June 6-8, 2014. This was their first time using the CLRC’s retreat site. About 20 young adults joined the retreat. The topic for their retreat was on the subject of “Missions” – building up faith in sharing the love of Christ with non-believers. The speakers were Mike and Grace Wilson. Besides group meetings, they divided into men and women groups for deeper sharing and praying. Praise the Lord that the weather was good during their stay and some enjoyed fishing, ping-pong, exercise, and “silent retreat” just for relaxation. Many expressed that they would like to come back here for their next retreat at Lake Gaston.

Group Picture

Group Picture/團體照



Preparing Lunch

Preparing Lunch / 準備午餐


Fishing / 釣魚

Women Group / 姊妹小組

Women Group / 姊妹小組

Men Group/弟兄小組

Men Group/弟兄小組