CLRC activities in April 2016

CLRC’s Annual Leadership Training Retreat

CLRC leadership training seminar was held from 4/28-30/2016 with the topic, The Principles and Practice of a Healthy Growing Church ( 健康成長教会的原則和实践 ). The speakers were Elder Peter Liu (劉志雄長老) from New Jersey and Pastor Albert Lam (林祥源牧師) from San Diego, CA. Praise God for His many blessings during the leadership training seminar retreat: safety of every one; mild and dry weather (it rained cats and dogs on Thursday during the day, but no rain Thursday evening, Friday and Saturday); catered Chinese food for the first time; and the partial use of the new dorm (1st floor bedrooms for sisters and the kitchen for catered cooking), etc. Most of all, the inspiring messages of the speakers from two different perspectives but yet complimentary to each other on the same theme and practical in their applications. There were good discussions between speakers and attendees during the panel discussion and Q&A sessions. The survey results showed very positive response and great appreciation for the two speakers and their messages. One attendee commented, “此次 program對我及教會有很大的鼓勵和幫助。兩個講員兼具扎心的信息與 實際操作,有極大的幫助。I’m refreshed by the Lord’s message. Thank you
for this wonderful retreat.”

Video and Audio recordings of the seminars are available on CLRC’s website – Media Page

團體照 / Group Picture團體照 / Group Picture
2016 Student Annual Leadership Training

Praise the Lord, SALT (Student Annual Leadership Training) 2016 organized by AFC campus minister, Chao-Yang Peng, was successfully held (April 2-3) at CLRC Lake Gaston site. It was led by a team of 5 speakers: Tom McCallie, Tom Henry, Jim Anthony, Jeff Gayle, Cam Janzen, and 2 counselors: Melody Shao and Li Zhu, with about 25 student leaders attending. They used the “Breakthrough leadership” materials which are specially designed for training Mainland Chinese students/scholars. Among the feedback forms received, seven of the attendees indicated their willingness to become AFC associate staff in campus ministry.

團體照 / Group Picture團體照 / Group Picture