Announcing Our New Executive Director

February 8, 2021

I’m glad to announce the appointment of Pastor-teacher, Paul Bucknell, as the new Executive Director of Christian Leadership Renewal Center. He is also a missionary and author whose second language is Chinese / Mandarin.

Paul, not a newcomer to CLRC, has been on the board since its inception. He has participated in Chinese Leadership seminars here on campus. Paul will utilize his many training resources ( to advance the kinds of Christian leadership training offered at the center. We’d also like to make CLRC a common platform, resource sharing and fellowship facility with all Bible believing churches in the VA, NC and other areas. Please feel free to contact Paul Bucknell (412-398-4559 or if you’re interested. We covet your participation and partnership as God’s coworkers in all our ministries.

Although many are reluctant to travel at this time, some will seek personal renewal/retreat or may want a place for a small church retreat. CLRC is open. Paul and his wife, Linda, reside at the center and will help make your visit special!

Paul will be communicating more about smaller training seminars planned for the spring, summer, and fall. Stay tuned.

Thank you for your interest in CLRC. Our prayer is that Christian leaders grow strong and skilled to serve Christ and His precious people. The church needs more than ever many Godly servants to teach, lead and meet the current challenges. Please pray with us.

Elder Albert Yeh
President of Christian Leadership Renewal Center

CWC 2018 Thanksgiving East Coast (CLRC) Discipleship/Coworkers Training

Thanks be to God! The Discipleship Training Camp at the Christian Leadership Renewal Center during last Thanksgiving was a great success! The center was again full of people, probably 60 to 70 this time, who travelled all the way from NC, SC, MA, and states even farther such as NY, TN and FL. The speaker Brother Bellman Lin was encouraged by their willingness to follow the Lord and to be His disciples and co-workers. Therefore, he was able to complete three sermons per day in his 90s by God’s grace, which in turn greatly strengthened brothers and sisters. God also used Minister Feng Jiao, Pastor Tianjun Shi, and Pastor Ko to help brothers and sisters to have the spirit to follow Jesus as His disciples, and the servant attitude to serve Him silently. The next Disciple Training Camp will be held from March 6th to 11th, 2019.Details and Registration

CWC March 2018 East Coast Discipleship/Coworkers Training Camp

By God’s grace the East Coast Disciple and Coworker Training Camp was completed successfully in early March at the Christian Leadership Renewal Center (CLRC). Besides brothers and sisters from the neighboring states, many people drove seven to eight hours from New York and Alabama to the camp. They were much benefited from Pastor Chiang’s teaching on the holy living, commitment to Christ, responding to the calling of missions, and being prepared and equipped prior to return to their home countries. Pastor Chiang also prepared a 9-week training course for attendees to continuously reflect what they studied and make these learning their daily practice.

10th Anniversary Thanksgiving Service of Christian Leadership Renewal Center

The thanksgiving service was held at the home of Elder Yeh in Wake Forest, NC, on the afternoon of November 5, 2016, to commemorate the 10th anniversary of CLRC and the recent completion of the new dormitory. The guests included two board members from Chicago and Pittsburgh, pastors/elders and leaders from six Chinese churches in North Carolina, and CLRC’s volunteers. Together, we commemorated the blessings that God had bestowed on the Center during the last ten years.

The program began with the hymn “Amazing Grace”. Through the reading of Psalm 127:1, we were reminded of the fact that whatever works we do would be in vain unless it is done in the will of God and by His grace. Furthermore, Php. 1:3-6 reminded us that we should be grateful to God because He has enabled pastors and coworkers to begin the good work by serving together in the ministry of leadership training and the gospel. We believe that He will also complete the good work.

Elder Yeh then showed a new video, an introduction to CLRC (also available to view at the CLRC website,, under “About us”). It highlighted the natural beauty of the Center’s surrounding environment, the various facilities and the activities held during the last ten years, including a brief self-introduction by Elder Yeh. That was followed by his recounting how the vision for CLRC was conceived, the history of its building up from virtually nothing, its current ministries and Elder Yeh’s “dream” and long term vision for the future. (See below for the links to the power point presentation, anniversary presentation.ppt, and to its audio recording, anniversary audio.mp3).

After a short break with drinks and snacks served, the service continued with Elder Yeh’s remarks to thank the board members for their support and guidance and the volunteers for contributing their time and effort. He then made a formal proposal on the future operation of the Center which will require the collective effort of local churches/leaders, and the reasons behind this proposal. He asked for feedback to this proposal from all the churches by December 10. (See below for the links to the power point presentation and its audio recording of the proposal, proposal for CLRC future.ppt and proposal audio.mp3.) The two board members in attendance then encouraged all churches to take advantage of this platform to fully cooperate with each other in continuing the work of leadership training in order to fulfill God’s will in furthering His Kingdom. The service was concluded with prayer and blessing led by board member Pastor Paul Bucknell.

Following the service, drinks and delicious snacks were served so the guests can continue to greet and have fellowship with one another.

10th Anniversary Thanksgiving Service Audio
10th Anniversary Thanksgiving Service PPT
Proposal for CLRC Future Audio
Proposal for CLRC Future PPT

CLRC activities in October 2016

More than ten brothers and sisters from Chapel Hill spent a wonderful weekend from October 22nd to 23rd, 2016, at CLRC. We studied the book of Ephesians together, shared each other’s understanding of the truths in the book, our personal lives, feeding spiritually and encouraging one another. As everyone is so busy in the daily life, it was such a blessing to come to a quiet and scenic place to fellowship with each other, build a deeper relationship, spur one another’s love towards God. We felt the need to hold more of this kind of gathering in the future. Many thanks to Elder Yeh and brother Henry for their support, providing such wonderful place for us. May God remember their love and labor in Him, and use CLRC to bless even more brothers and sisters.
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CLRC activities in September 2016

RCCC Chinese Student Fellowship Retreat

The Chinese Student Fellowship at RCCC had a great retreat at CLRC during the Labor weekend. We appreciate Elder Yeh’s support, love and care for our young group. The topic of the retreat is Interpersonal Relationship, Bonding and Love. Through the messages of the speakers (Pastor Tran, Alex and Elder Yeh), we learned a lot of lessons about love and growing in the Lord. We also experienced the abundant grace of God through the various activities such as playing games, cooking, chatting and enjoying the beautiful sceneries. Not only did the young sisters and brothers gain a lot, but also did the seekers. Again, thanks a lot for the devotion and hard work of CLRC. May God continue to bless and use CLRC.

團體照團體照 / Group Picture

CLRC activities in June 2016

Maple Spring Chinese Christian Church Student Fellowship Retreat

A group of college students from NC Maple Spring Chinese Christian Church Student Fellowship at Winston Salem spent a meaningful weekend at CLRC Lake Gaston site from June 24 to June 26, 2016. It was our fourth Student Fellowship retreat. During the retreat, we worshiped the Lord, studied the Bible truths, and shared our faith and struggles together. We also went fishing, played Ping-Pang, enjoyed hot-pot, and shared the work of washing dishes, etc. Thank God who gave us such a wonderful opportunity to walk and grow together in the journey of following Christ.

團體照 / Group Picture團體照 / Group Picture

2016 Leadership Training Seminar

CLRC activities in April 2016

CLRC’s Annual Leadership Training Retreat

CLRC leadership training seminar was held from 4/28-30/2016 with the topic, The Principles and Practice of a Healthy Growing Church ( 健康成長教会的原則和实践 ). The speakers were Elder Peter Liu (劉志雄長老) from New Jersey and Pastor Albert Lam (林祥源牧師) from San Diego, CA. Praise God for His many blessings during the leadership training seminar retreat: safety of every one; mild and dry weather (it rained cats and dogs on Thursday during the day, but no rain Thursday evening, Friday and Saturday); catered Chinese food for the first time; and the partial use of the new dorm (1st floor bedrooms for sisters and the kitchen for catered cooking), etc. Most of all, the inspiring messages of the speakers from two different perspectives but yet complimentary to each other on the same theme and practical in their applications. There were good discussions between speakers and attendees during the panel discussion and Q&A sessions. The survey results showed very positive response and great appreciation for the two speakers and their messages. One attendee commented, “此次 program對我及教會有很大的鼓勵和幫助。兩個講員兼具扎心的信息與 實際操作,有極大的幫助。I’m refreshed by the Lord’s message. Thank you
for this wonderful retreat.”

Video and Audio recordings of the seminars are available on CLRC’s website – Media Page

團體照 / Group Picture團體照 / Group Picture
2016 Student Annual Leadership Training

Praise the Lord, SALT (Student Annual Leadership Training) 2016 organized by AFC campus minister, Chao-Yang Peng, was successfully held (April 2-3) at CLRC Lake Gaston site. It was led by a team of 5 speakers: Tom McCallie, Tom Henry, Jim Anthony, Jeff Gayle, Cam Janzen, and 2 counselors: Melody Shao and Li Zhu, with about 25 student leaders attending. They used the “Breakthrough leadership” materials which are specially designed for training Mainland Chinese students/scholars. Among the feedback forms received, seven of the attendees indicated their willingness to become AFC associate staff in campus ministry.

團體照 / Group Picture團體照 / Group Picture